I’m a anime fan in his early 40’s living in a midsized town in the state of New South Wales, Australia. I have been aware of Japanese animation since I was a 10 year old, but didn’t really become fanatical about it until anime (i.e. “Manga Videos”) began appearing video shelves around 1994 – 1995. From 1996 to around 2005 I participated in a number of fandom related activities; joining and later running an anime club, helping run an anime convention, writing for a fanzine etc. From around 1999 to 2011 I wrote a number of articles and reviews for various sites, a fanzine and several of my now defunct blogs and websites. I am in no way a professional writer. I consider myself a novice, a mere amateur (or just amateurish).

While I haven’t had any real desire to go back to the social aspect of anime fandom (I dropped out around 2006), I still like anime and like writing about it. With this blog I am republishing and rewriting a lot of my older material, but also writing new stuff. The idea is to publish something once a week, but early on I broke that promise and didn’t publish anything for over a year. I generally only publish posts about commercial English language material that has fallen off the radar, stuff that no one else seems to be writing about. I also write reviews of any anime that manages to end up in cinemas locally.


3 Responses to About

  1. Jake says:

    Hello Anime Archivist!
    I’m an animation/anime lover living in Los Angeles. I found you by accident while hunting for a way to get a copy of Midori shipped here (no luck yet, although I may try to get it through Amazon France, assuming that my standard U.S. login would be sufficient and the checkout process works).

    I’m excited to see what you’ve already got in the archive and I’ll be keeping up with your page from now on.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the all the hidden gems (as well as the slightly less precious and vibrant stones) I’m sure to discover by browsing your back posts.


    • Jake says:

      p.s. If you ever need help getting something you can’t find, there are some great resources here in LA. I’m sure you could easily find or recommend something I need or don’t know I need to see, so keep in mind I’d be glad to work out a package trade of some kind if you are ever inclined.

      • Hello Jake.

        I was going to suggest Cine Malta’s website for the Midori DVD, but it seems not to be working when you try to add the disc to basket. The shop I purchased it from (a US store which sold cult and obscure DVDs from around the world), seems to have vanished.

        I want to restart this blog, but since August my life has been a bit chaotic (horribly busy with work, bathroom renovation, illness etc). Things are a bit better now, so hopefully I’ll get writing soon.

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